Jack Hardy Soundclips

Songs from Omens

Song Album Length PLAY Format File Size
I Ought to Know Omens 1:38 PLAY mp3 128Kbps 1547K
The Boney Bailiff Omens 1:09 PLAY mp3 128Kbps 1087K
Eclipse Omens 1:11 PLAY mp3 128Kbps 1129K
Oh Woman Omens 1:20 PLAY mp3 128Kbps 1258K
Síar ón nDaingean (West of Dingle) Omens 1:49 PLAY mp3 128Kbps 1723K
Willow Omens 1:06 PLAY mp3 128Kbps 1041K
Omens may be ordered from Fifty-Fifty Music.

Songs from Previous Albums

Song Album Length PLAY Format File Size
Black-eyed Susans The Passing 1:53 PLAY RealAudio 80Kbps 1140K
PLAY mp2 96Kbps 1319K
Das Kapital Civil Wars 2:24 PLAY RealAudio 16Kbps 280K
The Passing The Passing 1:16 PLAY RealAudio 16Kbps 149K
Through Through 0:55 PLAY WAV 863K
The 20th Century The Passing 2:13 PLAY RealAudio 40Kbps 678K
PLAY mp2 64Kbps 1039K
Willie Goggin's Hat The Passing 1:19 PLAY RealAudio 16Kbps 154K

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